Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Blogger Help : What is BlogThis! ?

Oops. I gave my class a bum steer about Blogger's "Blog This!" tool today, thanks to being a little rusty about using this page. The "Blog This!" link at a the top of any Blogger weblog page (including this one, in light blue at the top center of the screen) is a way for readers to quickly link their own blogs to your site.

The Links/Toolbar "Blog This!" I was talking about in class is available on this help page. It is a Javascript program that allows you to quickly blog about any page you're reading on the Web.
Just drag the "Blog This!" link to your browser toolbar, go off browsing the Web, then click it when you're reading a page you want to write about. If you're already logged in to Blogger, the Javascript will launch a little text-entry window already linked to the page you were reading and automatically put the title of the page in place, fully linked. You can edit the page title, or just add comments.

That certainly makes a comment-on-sites-I've-visited weblog easy to do.

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