Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Say it ain't so, Joe's Diner

With my first class of the day right across the street, I got through my first semester at Radford on Joe's omelets...

Sad to see it closed and its site scheduled for "development," which probably won't put breakfast on the table for some time.

Here's the latest from the City Council, via Tim Thornton at the Roanoke Times:

Council OKs rezoning for Tyler Place development -

Students have had an "R.I.P. Joe's Diner" Facebook group, originally including a (false) rumor that the university was the culprit, but later updated with Tim's July story.

The page has 780 members, but not much discussion... and too few pictures for such a memorable place.

(Now where did I put that shot I took of Elvis on the diner wall?)

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