Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Old newspapers... Not just to wrap dead fish and train puppies...

I'll add more to this later, with reference to both my Media History class and my news writing class, which uses a textbook that presents published stories as a brown-edged chapter called "The Morgue."

Google raising newspaper morgues from the dead | News - Digital Media - CNET News:
"Google is making searchable, digital copies of old newspapers available online through partnerships with their publishers, the company said Monday.
Under the ad-supported effort, Google will digitize millions of pages of news archives, including photos, articles, headlines, and advertisements, Google said."
See ProQuest Historical Newspapers and this rather dated item on the National Digital Newspaper Program, which I should update!

For a few more links and quotes, see my longer post at my Other Journalism Weblog or the AEJMC Newspaper Division blog (same content, different context).

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