Sunday, February 15, 2009

New media tools Sprouting on Web

Thanks to a Facebook post by Paul Jones at UNC, I'm taking a first look at Sprout Builder, a Web2.0 tool for sharing multimedia content.

Paul pointed to some Sprouts by Howard Rheingold, whom I expect to be ahead of the curve and teaching about it. I also see that Sproutbuilder is already in use by Gannett newspapers, so here's my first attempt at embedding a Sprout in Blogger:


  1. Hmm. That Tennessean Sprout seems to be collecting current headlines that don't match the tornado-related headline. Does this count as having a bug on a sprout?

  2. For example, the current lead headline on the feed is "Perlman, symphony electrify audience" -- an interesting follow from the heading "Tornado aftermath."