Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Webby Awards for radio, news, newspapers, magazines...

Webby Awards -- NPR wins seven Webbies and People's Voice awards for best radio, best music and best podcasts... makes me happy to be wearing my "I gave money to NPR" cap today. However, I was surprised to NOT see NPR winning news awards... maybe there was a coin-flip between BBC and NPR for "best radio" versus "best news"? I dunno...

The News Webby and the People's Voice award went to the BBC's News website http://www.bbc.com/news

The student site awards went to http://missionlocal.org of the UC Berkeley journalism school and a new one to me, http://waylandstudentpress.com -- Yes, it's a High School Journalism project! Maybe there's hope there...

The newspaper award went to http://www.guardian.co.uk/ with a People's Voice to http://NYTimes.com, which also won for "Best copy/writing" and in a "Best Practices" category, whatever that means. (OK, so I'm too busy to look it up.)

Both magazine awards went the http://TheAtlantic.com

Another one of my favorites won for "best use of video or moving image": http://www.TED.com

(Couldn't help noticing the video award went to TED, which is not a "television" network or channel, but a Web-only site from an educational/inspirational conference.)

Here are the rest of the Webby Awards (there are almost 70 categories) from the award home page... and here's NPR's self-congratulation, which I guess might define "media outlets" as "media older than the Internet"... But I don't remember seeing any other kind of site that matched NPR in number of awards...

"National Public Radio led all media outlets by winning seven Webby awards, the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences announced Tuesday. The awards competition, now in its 13th year, honors excellence on the Web.
"NPR won Webbys for best radio site, best music site, best news site in the mobile division for its iPhone site, and best music entry in the online film and video division for Project Song, an online video documentary series."
Meanwhile, I rarely have time for "entertainment" Web stuff, which the Webbies are full of... But after exams I'll go back and check out some of that... including Web therapy, especially if there's an episode about Web addiction and Twitter. (Which, by the way, won "breakout of the year.")

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