Saturday, August 23, 2008

Google Will Offer Services for Bloggers at the Conventions -
"WASHINGTON -- Google Inc. will help set up a two-story, 8,000 square-foot headquarters for hundreds of bloggers descending on the Democratic convention in Denver next week, and it will offer similar services at the Republican convention in September, as new media gain influence in politics."

Heh. In my media history class I can reminisce about "being there" for some ancient history... "way back" when Dave Winer, David Weinberger, Steve Garfield and a few others from our Berkman blogging round-table were the first to blog from a presidential convention, just as I was leaving town for Knoxville.

Hmm. I don't remember whether Chris Lydon wore a "blogger" pass to the 2004 conventions after blogging and podcasting the run-up... Glad to hear him still having smart conversations on any topic.

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