Thursday, August 21, 2008

RU student to attend Democratic National Convention | WSLS 10

This nicely rounds out a trifecta of news stories about Radford students today. One off to be a delegate at a national presidential nominating convention, one off to seek fame and fortune on TV, and another on the street with the modern equivalent of a "will work for food" sign. (See also the loosely related RT blog post, "RU's staff is underpaid.")

I figured the Roanoke Times would have a version of the WSLS story, too... but when I searched its Web site for "Elizabeth Chitwood," some glitch sent me more than 500 wrong hits, starting with an audio clip of VT's president speaking 14 months ago.

Just searching for "Chitwood" narrowed the wrong hits; it came up with no "right" one, but a few of the others suggested questions that might make for a better interview with the young delegate.

Maybe the Times will have the story tomorrow.

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