Saturday, December 13, 2008

One man band or VJ approach hits TV news in DC

Not sure what to call this job category... "One-person band" is less-sexist, but still sounds awkward.

Abbreviating Multimedia Journalist as "MJ" sounds like Peter Parker's girlfriend.

Maybe, since every journalist can pocket some kind of small video camera these days, we don't need a prefix at all. Just "reporters." We are all potential "photojournalists" or "videojournalists," I guess.

WUSA to Hire 'Multimedia Journalists' Who Work Solo -
"Under a new agreement reached this week with its labor unions, WUSA, Channel 9, will become the first station in Washington to replace its crews with one-person 'multimedia journalists' who will shoot and edit news stories single-handedly.

"The change will blur the distinctions between the station's reporters and its camera and production people. Reporters will soon be shooting and editing their own stories, and camera people will be doing the work of reporters, occasionally appearing on the air or on in video clips on Channel 9's Web site."

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