Thursday, April 16, 2009

bX-fjm14b means something Is broken

This is a test. A mysterious Blogger error message coded
bX-fjm14b has been making it impossible to edit items once they are posted.

Has it been fixed? (No, but there's a workaround.)

Update: April 17. It looks like the cause is related to three things -- some recent change in Blogger's software, using the "BlogThis!" script to post a blog item based on a Web site you're visiting, and Blogger's internal "settings" for display of page titles. With the page set to not display titles, "BlogThis" was copying the address and title of the visited site into the hidden "title" area, and displaying it on the blog post.

I've just reset this blog to display page titles, and now I can edit pages again, and make their titles words of my own choosing. That also makes my title/headline link to the permanent address of the blog post, which is the way my other blog works. That's especially helpful if you want to bookmark a particular item, not the address that gets you the most recent post.

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  1. Hi I was trying to download 5 pictures to my sons baby blogger, and when I clicked on the "publish" button, it said, Sorry we were unable to complete your request. Then it listed this:


    Additional information
    blogID: 3924833739576048701
    postID: 5819241293759057049
    uri: /

    I tried to refresh the page and the same thing happened. What should I do?

    Thanks for your help.

  2. In my case, going to the settings section of Blogger and changing the Settings -> Formatting -> "Show title field" box from
    No to Yes solved the problem.

    But apparently that doesn't do it for everyone.

    Post your note here and it may do some good:

    Short form of same link: