Thursday, April 16, 2009

Previewing News: Wall Street Journal on the iPhone

In a Nieman Journalism Lab interview video clip, the executive editor of The Wall Street Journal Online previews the paper's upcoming Wall Street Journal iPhone reader.

"On the Web you don't get the sense of completing a task the way you do reading a newspaper,"'s Alan Murray says, suggesting that a top-20 stories "when you're done, you're done" approach will fit the way iPhone readers use the device.

The Journal actually sees its business Blackberry users as a bigger market than iPhone users, and both applications are modeled in part on the paper's half-century-old "What's News" box on page one.

The difference: The Blackberry version is more of a headline-feed of "what's most recent," while the iPhone content will be more "what's most important," with more substantial headlines for a top-20 collection of stories.

"I think people interact with the iPhone in a different way," he said.

Like and the print newspaper, the mobile device versions will eventually require you to pay for the full experience.

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