Saturday, February 09, 2002 Whenever I have enough bandwidth, I try to catch up on what Keith is doing... not to be confused with catching up with Keith. This week it's a fisheye lens. He sent me my 12/31/99 to 01/01/00 "Happy new year" greeting from a party in Hong Kong, using his first wireless Palm Pilot... which is what finally got me to buy a PDA.
GardenWeb - The Internet's Garden Community

My thumb is about as green as... well, I can't think of anything not-green enough. However, I stumbled on somehow and was impressed with the organization and the use of reader-forums, including photo albums of antique roses, and some evidence that regular users have some of that "virtual community" feeling.

NewsForge: Open Source News

I've met some interesting people doing open source software, so I've started reading this news site, which uses the Slash system to collect stories from readers.