Saturday, May 20, 2006

Cory Bergman at Lost Remote TV Blog keeps up with online-video developments, including Yahoo's plans for a video upload site... and Jay Leno's plug for the already-popular upload site -- as a source of a video parody called 'Lazy Ramadi,' which already had "104,000 video views and counting" when Cory got there.

Bergman also estimates what YouTube's 35 million video streams a day could add up to in digital space and dollars: about 200 terabytes of data, possibly approaching $1 million a month in bandwidth costs.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006 Technology | ?Ay caramba! MacBook is hot
"When I smelled bacon wafting from my new computer, I was thrilled -- until I realized it was the smell of my thighs igniting..."
Includes suggestions for using the MacBook to thaw frozen food, dry socks, etc. I wonder if the black or white MacBooks are cooler than the metal MacBook Pro in the article.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Serendipity of (Communication and) Technology Careers: Tim O'Reilly, founder of the technology-focused book publishing empire, told Berkeley information science grads to realize that to many they speak "a private language that sets us apart like one of the secret societies depicted in The Da Vinci Code!"
Not a technologist by training, O'Reilly said that helping a programmer friend with a writing project was the turning point in his life.
"I never imagined that I'd build a career as a technical writer, publisher, and entrepreneur. My training was in Greek and Latin Classics!"
Hey, wait a minute. Greek... Latin... Da Vinci Code... Hmm. Conspiratorial or not, O'Reilly's talk includes a valiant attempt to survey the current "Web 2.0" scene in language that wouldn't completely befuddle the parents in the graduation audience. Well, not completely.
See Full text on his blog.
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KnoxViewers Night Out | KnoxViews: "Who: Anybody reading this
What: KnoxViewers Night Out
When: Wednesday, May 24th, 6:00 PMish
Where: Downtown Grill and Brewery, East TN History Center Auditorium"