Monday, December 31, 2007

One Laptop Per Child blogging

I just remembered that the template I was using for this blog is similar to the color of my new One Laptop Per Child xo computer... Maybe that's a sign that I should do some blogging with and about it here...

For now, I've mostly been posting in olpc forums and bookmarking pages, including some good YouTube videos, at

I also tried using the xo browser with WordPress at my other server-based blog, Red Liner

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thanks to a new blogger on my bookmark list, I poked into my own old Blogger account today for the first time in a year... I'd missed the whole "new Blogger" transition that merged the login for Blogger and the one for gmail e-mail accounts. Google is certainly trying to take over my life... So far I've given in to these:
  • gmail
  • iGoogle
  • Google Reader
  • Orkut
  • Blogger
The last three have slipped off my radar, replaced by other RSS aggregators, social networking applications and blogging software... Actually, I think I started using Userland's Radio for my blog before trying Blogger. I liked the security of Radio, which runs on my computer and automatically stores a full copy of everything I post at my main space: Bob's Other Journalism Weblog.

Back when I first tried Blogger, I wasn't sure I could trust it to be around for long. Maybe it's safe to use now. :-)

Speaking of safety, I see a word balloon below this window that says "Now Blogger saves your drafts automatically!" -- which is something I wish all Web-based writing programs did. I wonder whether that's available as a module in WordPress, Drupal, Manila or Django, the other publishing engines I have used for "demo" blogs?

I suspect Blogger also has a "backup the full contents of your blog" feature somewhere. If so, I'd have no reservations left about using it as my "most frequent" blog, since I could post from any of the seven computers I use. I'll think about it...