Monday, May 10, 2004

Blog by mail test #3

The first two trials (below) seem to indicate that the e-mail to blog
approach deletes HTML anchor tags. I'll go back and look for online
documentation when I have a chance. I'll also try posting something
from my Handspring TREO e-mail while I'm out.


This is another test of blogging by e-mail, to see if HTML links work
like this: or like this href="">this.

I wish other organizations I belonged to were as liberal about membership fees as the American Sociological Association's sliding scale.

This is a trial of posting to a Blogger weblog by
e-mail. The original link didn't work until I went back to Blogger to fix the link code HTML. I'll try again and leave the new post uncorrected.

For a friend who noticed some hint of Jakob Nielsen influence on my home page, I admit there's plenty of room for improvement. Andrei Herasimchuk summarizes it all better than I do here, with seven examples: Design by Fire: Gurus v. Bloggers, Round 1

We all know Nielsen’s faults. He’s put them on display so often in the past there’s no reason to bring them up again. (Ok. Here are some: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7.) To add insult to injury, Nielsen can be a bit, shall we say, overbearing. Having said that, can Nielsen’s blinding color system, poor layout and unreadable typography be forgiven for someone who is attempting to convert designers towards better usability practices? Not in this lifetime.
Blogger is now promoting Feedburner as a way to generate RSS feeds for Blogger sites. The actual RSS section of its feed creation page is buried a ways down in the format selections, which appear designed to meet a lot of other purposes.

Here's a test of the two RSS feeds it creates, both based on the Atom feed, which doesn't put full contents into the feed, one of the common attributes of RSS 2.0 feeds from weblogs like Scripting News and Other Journalism.
Atom: atom
RSS 2.0:
RSS 1.0 (RDF)
Phil Ringnalda launched a healthy discussion thread with this catchy headline: phil ringnalda dot com: Holy Crap! That's Blogger?: "Holy Crap! That's Blogger?"
New look for Blogger, new way to put things here
I'm posting this with a "blog this!" plugin for FireFox, and just discovered that if I select a sentence in the page I'm viewing before I choose the "blog this" right-mouse-button menu item, the highlighted text -- not the page name -- becomes the anchor for the bloglink... Example, concerning Blogger's new look: Blogger Knowledge: "The best and brightest web designers around created twenty six new templates for you to choose from; bringing the total up to thirty three Blogger template designs."