Friday, August 13, 2004

I've been very happy with the tabbed browsing feature and pop-up blocking of the Firefox browser on my Mac, so now I've installed it on this new (to me) office PC. Along with the browser, I'm experimenting with a Google toolbar extension.

The toolbar's "blog this (with Blogger)" item inspired this round of updates to my old Blogger blog. I've also loaded the Sage RSS reader extension and a few trial RSS feeds, including some from the Washington Post. One of them led me to this item about the personal impact of personal blogging: Blog Interrupted...

All in all, this has been a fine way to test the "blog this," RSS, toolbar, Blogger's new editing features, the browser and my new keyboard, all at once. So far so good. But remembering to eat dinner would have been a good idea, too.
WDVX is providing the background music for my new life in Knoxville... but will be doing so very softly until I get some speakers for this new office PC.
Notes about blogging and journalism: Wired interview with Dan Gillmor about his new book

(This really belongs in my other blog, but I have two minutes of battery time left...)