Monday, December 24, 2001

My short essay on weblogs...
... is connected to that heading link.

Update 2009: What was a short essay grew over the years and leapt from server to server. Because the old site is long gone, that link goes to the last revision.
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I wonder if people realize that the blue text at the top of these blog entries is a clickable link, without having to be as obvious as the heading above.

Saturday, November 24, 2001

About Weblogs
I've been discussing Weblogs and journals in my classes for several semesters now, including the relationship of "logs" to journalism. The page above has links to articles about Weblogs, as well as links to interesting logs.

2009 note: The original draft of that page in 2001 was on an Emerson College server. It has moved twice and has been updated a few times.
I teach at Emerson College in Boston, and this log will be a demo for my students, if nothing else.
This is a link to my most generic home page, which points to others.

This addition was made with a "BlogThis" button on my browser menu. Pretty slick!

Discovering Blogger

Blogger is a Weblog-creation tool that allows you to type blog entries into your browser, then post them to your own site. My previous Weblog experiments used Manila and Tripod/Trellix. Blogger's interface seems much faster, at least with this layout. I've chosen a very simple template, although some are quite fancy and even include background graphics.

Update (Nov. 27, 2021): In 20 years, the term "Weblog" has become a more general "blog," and the Associated Press has reduced the use of capitol-W in various Web terms. When I first wrote about people "logging" their activities on Web pages the "Blogger" app and "Blogspot" hosting page did not exist. When they arrived, one of my students -- a young woman in a freshman "Digital Culture" seminar -- alerted me to them, complaining that I had her class writing raw HTML code to create "Weblog" pages from scratch.
The entry above was writen Nov. 24, 2001, while I began to explore Blogger while teaching Digital Culture, journalism and website design at Emerson College in Boston. I just noticed the near-coincidence of that date on Nov. 27, 2021, while checking passwords and such on some of my older websites and blogs, preparing to move my home page to a new server, possibly before the end of the year. Over the years as software platforms have come and gone, this blog has gone back and forth from being a classroom "demo" to something I used regularly, to a music-oriented supplement to my other blogs about journalism, old-time radio, and life in general.
Thank you for being so curious that you came back here to the beginning!