Monday, August 29, 2016

Oldtime Music Beyond Facebook

A friend just posted a request for more old-time and bluegrass music festival posts in a Facebook group... one of many that try to meet that need.

My reply... (Also an excuse to try updating this blog with a copy of a Facebook post, using only my phone. Until I go through one at a time to turn them into hyperlinks, link addresses may require copying and pasting, not just clicking. Hard to tell on this tiny screen.)

Feeling your pain... I just don't trust Facebook for reliable calendar-type information. So much duplication, but so much confusion about when and how things appear in groups, notices & on your/my timeline!

But even the "open web" calendars by non-profits have holes in them. Not sure Hoppin John Convention (or the 50-band Shakori Hills concert/fest at same venue a month later?) is on any of the NC lists below.... as well as being exempt for the Va and WVa lists!

Here are a few items from my jumbled venue,  event and organization bookmark list. But I don't envy any of the list keepers!


West Va.




That last one is an membership & ad-supported national monster that I just stumbled on...

But it it doesn't miss  Sept. 24, even if it doesn't have an obvious link to the event's own site!