Monday, January 21, 2008

Feature: Hacking the XO laptop |

Demonstrating a chat connection for XO laptops and other Linux-literate experiments with two little green laptops. Free epub children's picture books: "I thought it would be nice to have some books appropriate to the XO's audience available, so I converted sixteen picture books from Project Gutenberg to the epub format, which is one of the formats that FBReader can read."
Epub books soon for One Laptop Per Child kids—and public libraries interested in laptop? : says: "with FBReader available, the OLPC laptop will be a more promising machine for public libraries. Having been burned by the Gemstar and other machines with e-book formats that vanished from the mainstream, librarians should seriously consider trying out OLPC’s XO. It doesn’t come with all the gotchas that the Amazon Kindle does, including a terms of service agreement that might prevent libraries from lending the machines to patrons."