Friday, April 09, 2004

NewsMonster is mentioned below without a link, so adding one seems like the right thing to do. NewsMonster turns Mozilla into a three-panel RSS aggregator. Alas, the wizards at Blogger-Google don't include an RSS feed in these free Blogspot accounts, and Newsmonster doesn't yet support the new Atom format that B/G is promoting.
The Occupational Adventure (sm) Blog: Getting unstuck OK, nothing is quite as "sticky" as trying to write about a dozen aggregators at once, with a deadline that coincides with a certain IRS one... so I'm quite happy to have stumbled on Curt Rosengren's blog. I followed a link to it from Steven Cohen's Library Stuff. Actually, having two real deadlines actually helps with the unsticking, providing the "Future focus" he mentions.
300 Years of News Aggregation?
As part of my research on XML feed aggregators, I'm trying the NewsMonster aggregator, which installs into Mozilla and lets me subscribe to an RSS feed with a right mouse-click.
While doing that, I noticed that the right mouse button menu also has a "blog this with Blogger" item on the menu, so I'm giving it a try. I knew I was keeping this old blog around for something!