Saturday, November 24, 2001

About Weblogs
I've been discussing Weblogs and journals in my classes for several semesters now, including the relationship of "logs" to journalism. The page above has links to articles about Weblogs, as well as links to interesting logs.

2009 note: The original draft of that page in 2001 was on an Emerson College server. It has moved twice and has been updated a few times.
I teach at Emerson College in Boston, and this log will be a demo for my students, if nothing else.
This is a link to my most generic home page, which points to others.

This addition was made with a "BlogThis" button on my browser menu. Pretty slick!
Blogger is a Weblog-creation tool that allows you to type blog entries into your browser, then post them to your own site. My previous Weblog experiments used Manila and Tripod/Trellix. Blogger's interface seems much faster, at least with this very simple layout. I've chosen a very simple template, although some are quite fancy and even include background graphics.