Monday, January 03, 2005

Welcoming old colleague Jerry Lanson to the blogspace (more musings always welcome, Jerry) has inspired me to add one of my infrequent comments on this old Blogger blog of mine.

The Blogger interface gets better and better, but I'm still doing most of my weblogging with Userland Radio. I like the secure feeling of having the master copy of everything on my own computer, as well as the convenience of the built-in RSS aggregator and the fact that Radio supports the RSS standard.

But there's a lot to be said for being able to tap into Blogger (or Manila, or Typepad) from anywhere. If I still had an active GPRS cellphone connection, I'd be tempted to switch to a system that let me post blog entries from there.

I notice that Dan Gillmor has switched to Typepad for his new "grassroots journalism" blog after years with Radio... and Typepad's parent, Moveable Type, has some local advocates who might offer a community server I could use.

In Cambridge, courtesy of Harvard Law School, I did my RedLiner blog with Userland's other product, Manila, which cooperates with Radio in some useful ways. Userland's founder, Dave Winer, also has been in the forefront of podcasting, which I'm hope to start doing in the near future.