Saturday, November 24, 2001

Discovering Blogger

Blogger is a Weblog-creation tool that allows you to type blog entries into your browser, then post them to your own site. My previous Weblog experiments used Manila and Tripod/Trellix. Blogger's interface seems much faster, at least with this layout. I've chosen a very simple template, although some are quite fancy and even include background graphics.

Update (Nov. 27, 2021): In 20 years, the term "Weblog" has become a more general "blog," and the Associated Press has reduced the use of capitol-W in various Web terms. When I first wrote about people "logging" their activities on Web pages the "Blogger" app and "Blogspot" hosting page did not exist. When they arrived, one of my students -- a young woman in a freshman "Digital Culture" seminar -- alerted me to them, complaining that I had her class writing raw HTML code to create "Weblog" pages from scratch.
The entry above was writen Nov. 24, 2001, while I began to explore Blogger while teaching Digital Culture, journalism and website design at Emerson College in Boston. I just noticed the near-coincidence of that date on Nov. 27, 2021, while checking passwords and such on some of my older websites and blogs, preparing to move my home page to a new server, possibly before the end of the year. Over the years as software platforms have come and gone, this blog has gone back and forth from being a classroom "demo" to something I used regularly, to a music-oriented supplement to my other blogs about journalism, old-time radio, and life in general.
Thank you for being so curious that you came back here to the beginning!

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